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Welcome to UGGKL, we knew everyone wanted it, now we're doing it. No, this is not for real, that would be soo dangerous. Seriously, don't ever try driving gokarts this way for real.

What is this?

Well of all the more or less crazy ideas I have, this is one of the ones I like the most. It's a cargame without any cars. Well, it's whitout gokarts too. The idea is to race anyway. It IS a live event, you will see the times of each lap pop up on during the race... I think it's awesome, you should really try it. :)

The idea is to try to win money (Fake Money, FMK) with this money you buy parts to your kart to make go it faster. Then you attend races and you hopefully win more money. In these races, you may encounter moose, and police officers. You can find energy drinks that makes you go faster for a while and you may have to take a pizza break. Sometimes you can get flat tires and sometimes you run out of fuel. Sometimes you crash. It's sort of har do explain, but I think it's pretty cool.

Latest updates

Sinces I'm currenty building this there are a bunch of minor updates every day, but the latest big ones are as follows

  • Some minor updates and fixes, a couple of new parts, like turbos! Turbos are cool. :)
  • Today's big thing is that I made a facebook app of the site. So if you prefer that one (and you're not already there, it's the same page with som added features. eg notifications) https://apps.facebook.com/undergroundgokart/
  • Reruns, in the unlikely event that you miss the race as it is run, you can now watch the rerun.
  • A bunch of more things can happen as you are driving, like moose and/or old ladies getting in the way.
  • I know, I did promise no karts in this site, but if you look at the races now, the carts representing the drivers are acctually racing across the screen. I'm sorry, but it was too cool not to do it. :)
  • If you're lucky, you can pick up a boost along the way that will give you a little boost
  • Now you can sell the parts you're not using! Just click on the parts you own and set a price.
  • Not only can you sell stuff, you can buy used parts too, go to Used Parts and see what's for sale.
  • Parts that wear out after being used for too long.
  • Account: so you can see you winnings and purchases and stuff.

Top Drivers

driver image

1 - Frippe

driver image

2 - Mattias P Kallio

driver image

3 - Lasse

driver image

4 - Johan Bergman

driver image

5 - Joel Paavonen

driver image

6 - UrsusMimas

driver image

7 - Martin Dannemann

driver image

8 - Johan Normén

driver image

9 - Kelthar Horsyface


Since: 22 Nov 2011

Since: 23 Feb 2013

Since: 13 Mar 2013
TM: Lasse

Since: 22 Aug 2012

Since: 05 Mar 2013
TM: Mattias P Kallio

Since: 16 Mar 2013
TM: Samuel Sandehl

Since: 23 Feb 2013

Since: 01 Mar 2013
TM: Frippe

Since: 20 Mar 2013
TM: Gerald Vella

Since: 05 Mar 2013
TM: Joel Paavonen

Since: 02 Apr 2013
TM: Mäcken

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