02 Mar 2013 - 15:00Helsingfors - "You will need sisu"

A gokart race arranged by:

"You will need sisu" is a 3.3 km long, 4 lap gokart track with speeds over 150 km/h The winner of the gokart race will besides the honor get 8 fakemoney! Second place will get 3, and third place will get 0. fakemoney. In this race 20 drivers can attend, right now 3 is going to race.

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1 Mattias P Kallio


2 Frippe


3 Håkan S Olsson


Drivers in race

Mattias P Kallio

driver image Skillscore: 4.023


driver image Skillscore: 3.5202

Håkan S Olsson

driver image Skillscore: 1.0075

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